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chapter 228/449/481 parallels.

next time we meet, I’ll fight. And this time I won’t hide behind you, we’ll do it together.

chapter 228 has two translations and personally i love both. The first (not shown) states how Orihime no longer wants to look at Ichigo’s back, she wants to help, to be by his side and even protect him, so he’ll look at her back instead. Chapter 449 showcases this, where Orihime protects Ichigo from Ginjou’s attack and he is in shock and awe (LOVE IT) at her abilities. iI also love when she turns around to smile at him because she did EXACTLY what she has wanted to do since the question she answered in the SS arc. TO PROTECT ICHIGO. (Chapter 62: “Why do you want to go to the Soul Society?/Because I want to protect Kurosaki”) And then, THEN we get chapter 481 where my babies are literally fighting side by side together against the enemy. It was by sheer chance that I found the other translation of chapter 228, but I am glad I did. This was something not only Orihime wanted to do, but what I MYSELF always wanted. Because she is his shield, and he her sword. These two will literally DIE for each other, without question, without hesitation. Many times there have been where Ichigo has fought for Orihime, despite his injuries, despite the enemy’s power, and so many times where Orihime has risked life and limb to keep him alive and safe at ANY cost. It’s a two way street and I’ve been saying that for years. A perfect team they make and Kubo really did a great job of tying the old scenes with the current. My babies rule. Seriously. dedicated to my awesome amazing curieousdreamer. bb I LOVE YOU to pieces. <3
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